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The Restauro Calli  furniture restoration workshop was founded in 1966, putting to good use the experience Piero Calli had gained through his work with the older artisans and master craftsmen of the town. He had collaborated, amongst others, with his uncle Galliano Calli, who was already well known in the antiques sector.

During the 80’s and 90’s Calli exhibited antique furniture and collectibles in all the major fairs and shows.

Today the Calli tradition has been taken up by Piero’s sons Giulio and Andrea, both of whom qualified as antiquarian furniture restorers at the specialist centre at the Istituto D’Arte here in Anghiari. The college prepares young people to enter a profession which has a long and prestigious history in the Tiber Valley and Arezzo area. The skills they learnt enable them to take up their cultural inheritance and artistic vocation as craftspeople with centuries of tradition behind them.

After completing their diplomas, Giulio and Andrea were able to participate in the Regione Toscana 900 hour theory through practice specialization course, giving them a strong technical and artistic grounding in hand crafting.

This means the brothers are able to call upon two equally important training backgrounds: one based on the study and classroom learning of the most important restoration techniques, the other “in the field”, as it were, providing them with a deep love of this ancient trade, and unlocking its secrets.


Giulio and Andrea’s restoration methods are rooted in their passion for their profession, approaching each object they encounter with the same interest and attention.

The rehabilitation of an antique object, in a more or less poor condition, is undertaken using materials consistent with the object’s age. By using antique materials, the object’s character is preserved, and the repairs are made using traditional joints, dowels, wooden pins and nails.

The object’s original patina is carefully preserved, and the use of ancient techniques and natural materials- such as the natural earths of Sienna, shellacs (which are applied with brushes or traditional piumacci) and beeswax- give the restored sections a warm, soft patina, and return the object to its former splendor.

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