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Furniture and antique objects can be damaged and, sometimes, be considered irrecoverable; these objects, to which are usually linked memories and moments of our lifes, can be redeveloped with the purpose of giving them a new life, thanks to artisan manufacture and specific treatments.


Objects: Reception Counter

Location: Hotel SPA – Florence


Following the architect plan we intervened on this artifact, of recent creation, redeveloping and adapting it’s style to the one desired by the client.

The artifact has been cleaned up from both its color and polishing, to make the wooden surface reappear.

In a secondary phase we aged and whitened the wood surfaces by brushing them bu hand with hydrogen peroxide.

After the support completition we applied two coat of plaster on the whole surface and then applied the color. After another phase of the aging process we fixed the color with a neutral and clear protector.


Object: Wooden washbasin base

Location: Private Property


The cupboard has been brought by our business from the antique market.

Lacking several important elements (flat surface, behind and parts of the feets) to the point of being unusable for its original purpose, and in agreement with the client, it has been, after a lovingly restore process, redeveloped to a new use.


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