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Project Renaissance


The style and harmony of skilfully worked shapes, the experience and expertise when it comes to details, the research and the manufacturing of coeval materials and the taste for beauty, represent the right element of distinction to give a piece of furniture a timeless elegance.

This is the starting point, first of all the idea must be born from passion, from the desire to see in the market high quality products that becoming day by day harder to get a hand on.

In our vision of reproduction there is the idea of reviving products using original materials, old and therefore well-seasoned woods, in order to return the products their rightfull value as antique furnitures.

Furniture inspired by works of art, housed in museums and private collections, curated to the last detail by skilled artisans and experts, but above all passionate, conceived in the absolute and rigorous respect of methods and working techniques dictated by the ancient school of Tuscan artisans.

This is why the creations we imagine, in addition to theit function of use, engage in the sphere of image and aesthetics, activating an extraordinary and daily sensory and emotional relationship, becoming – in turn – undisputed works of art.

Thus becoming a benchmark for those seeking the charm of tradition, the warmth of wooden furniture and want to possess a unique and unrepeatable piece. Only skilled and passionate artisans choose the ancient wood, suitable for building furniture of great value, to make pieces that  can last a long time and that excite their customers every day as if for the first time.

Furniture inspired by the past in full respect of traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

This is the philosophy of the true craftsman, thanks to which every single creation is the result of the passion for quality that has always distinguished the artisan production. If then the craftsman begins to produce «in series» the realization criteria do not change, each piece will still be unique because the ancient material with which it is built is unique as the manual-finishing that embellish it.

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